LPC will be hosting Family Promise during the week of Feb. 19-26.  Volunteers are welcome - contact the church office for more information.

Feb 19: "Persisting" (Rev. Herrin)
Dec. 4: "A Controlled Burn" (Rev. Herrin)
Feb 12: "The Big Red One" (Jim Cubie)
Feb 5: "On Being Salt and Light" (Rev. Herrin)
Jan 29: "Blessed" (Rev. Herrin)
Jan 8: "Remember Your Baptism" (Rev. Herrin)
Jan 15: "Sharing Your Story" (Rev. Herrin)
Jan 22: "10,000 Yes's" (Rev. Herrin)
Jan 1: "Out With the Old, In With the New!" (Elder Crowley)
Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Meditation (Rev. Herrin)
Dec. 18: "The Forgotten Parent" (Rev. Herrin)
Dec. 11: To Zion With Singing" (Rev. Herrin)


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