LPC will be hosting Family Promise during the week of Feb. 19-26.  Volunteers are welcome - contact the church office for more information.

Our volunteers make a conscious effort to be sure our Sunday visitors are warmly greeted within a few feet of the front entrance and provided name tags to enable other members to greet them by name.  First-time visitors are recognized at the beginning of worship and given a souvenir coffee mug in appreciation of their visit to LPC.

Membership & Outreach

NEW MEMBER CLASSES - Three week classes are offered periodically based on the number of people expressing interest in joining LPC.  The classes are led by Rev. Herrin with assistance from Elder Joe Crowley and members of the Membership Committee.  In addition to discussing what  it means to be Presbyterian, we look at the meaning of membership and faith, and have time for small group discussion to get to know one another.  Upon completion of the class and action by the Session, the new members are presented to and welcomed by the congration during a worship service.


For additional information, please contact the church office to indicate your interest

and be notified of the next class opportunity.



ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY -  By participating in,  sponsoring and hosting various events that involve the community beyond our campus.  These include the Bluffton Christmas Parade and "Happy Birthday Jesus" party, a Bluffton youth athletics team,  and opening our sanctuary to special events to which the community is invited - the most recent example a performance by the Stardust Orchestra featuring our own Dr. Robin Lind as a vocalist.

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