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10 Simmonsville Road

Bluffton, SC 29910

(843) 815-6570


Dear LPC Church Family,                                                         

Desiring to keep you and the community safe, the Session has decided to close the church and not have in-person worship for the next three weeks, through Palm Sunday.  (We will not host the Lenten community service on March 25th either). The Session will re-evaluate the situation on April 1st and make a decision about our gatherings beyond the 5th.

We are working this week toward recording the service, putting it on the website and sending out by e-mail so that it can be viewed on Sunday. We will send out specific details by Friday so you will know what to do!  We will have most elements of worship in addition to, this week, a solo by Janie Reynolds!

The church office will be closed with no meetings held in either building for this entire time.  The pastoral staff will be in and out, as will the administrative staff and music staff, while working from home whenever possible.   We will collect the mail, answer the phone when here and receive messages; however, should you have urgent needs I encourage you to call either Stephanie or me or any of our elders.

While it will be sad and difficult not to be able to gather in person, we are and will continue to be the church, the body of Christ, and just as with our physical bodies, we will all still need to do our part working together to support and care for one another and for our community. I encourage you to check on those LPC-ers you know or those who come to mind (even if you don’t know them well) and your neighbors.  The Session is devising a way to check in on all of you and encourages you to let them know of any needs you have.  Certainly again, contact Stephanie or me when there are pastoral needs about which we should know!

As more businesses close, many of our neighbors will be in greater need for basic items and other assistance. Our Mission Team will have opportunities for us to care in a variety of ways.  That information will be relayed to you when it is available. All of our plans are evolving at this point, so more news and details will continue to be sent out.  Stay tuned! We still plan to get out an April newsletter, so send your information to Judy Hardie as usual. The Shoe drive and the Potluck dinner with the Temple in April have been postponed and the Family Promise Host weeks have been cancelled.

In the meantime, your gifts to the Church matter now more than ever! Our expenses continue, and we won’t be passing offering plates on Sunday.  We encourage you to mail your offering to the church office or to consider online giving through your bank’s direct payment process.  Our financial commitments to local nonprofits continue as well, so your generosity in this time will make a big difference!

It is our fervent prayer that all the precautions being taken will prevent the spread of this virus and that we can be together on Easter Sunday, but only time will tell.  We will have the Easter flowers in the sanctuary either way, so we are still taking orders for those.   The form below can be printed out and included with your check, or you can include that information on a scratch piece of paper.  This can be mailed to the office or dropped off in our mailbox on the property.

I have every confidence that as we pray and depend on God and one another, and reach out as God leads, that even in this uncertain, chaotic time, God can stretch us, deepen our faith and strengthen our ties to one another and our community.  By God’s grace may it be so.



Rev. Chris Herrin

Covid-19 Update