We joyfully welcome our new Associate Pastor, Rev. Stephanie Dion 

“Hebrews: Jesus is Superior! Why does it matter?” The message of this sermon is the community must learn to hold fast to their confession. Understanding how God equipped ancient believers, we will understand how God can outfit us. In this ancient text, we find modern answers. Meets in fellowship hall at 9:35am.

Adult Disciplship


Adult Christian Education

Sunday Adult Bible Study Classes









New Sunday Education Classes:  “The Wired Word” is back for the summer in a new location! This is a discussion class which addresses a current news topic from a biblical perspective. See you in the children’s classroom at 9:35am!  


Tuesday/Wednesday Bible Study

Tuesday - WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY 10:00am Fellowship Hall 

Wednesday - MEN’S BIBLE STUDY 9:30am Fellowship Hall

(Both studies are led by our Director of Adult Discipleship, Joe Crowley.) 


 “The Gospel According to John: So that You Might Believe!” Written a bit later, John’s recollections describe additional stories not included in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  John focuses on the divinity of Jesus, and calls Jesus the logos (“word”) of God. Wonder why? Come join us.



Men of Purpose (MOP) meet each Saturday morning in the Parlor at the main church at 8:00 am for coffee and refreshments.  ALL MEN ARE WELCOME whether LPC members or not.  Men of Purpose will not be meeting again until Sat. Sept 8 at 8:00.  On that date we will be discussing a new book "Esther" by Charles Swindoll.   Books will be available in the office during late August. 


Temple Class LPC is invited to the Temple class every third Saturday of the month at 10:00am in the Sanctuary. Join us!